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this is literally the greatest audio post that has been posted on this stupid website

I don’t know what I was expecting but this was better

the fosters just broke my heart and now i want to watch another show but teen wolf is too creepy to watch alone in my bed at night. 

She said she wants to stay with you.

now i am so hyped up about this possibility that i will not be able to sleep. 

i just looked up study abroad programs with my school and there is one in ireland next june that would go towards my major and then there is one two weeks before that in london and france about film history and it’s led by one of my professors who was on my trip to france this summer and i was just going crazy like what if i went to europe and for the first program and then travelled around between and then did the second program??? it would amazing and i would be able to get college credit….it would be SOOO expensive but i think if i could really do it i would work non-stop to save the money up. AGHHH THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

i just don’t understand how people my age can afford to live on their own without help from their parents. i mean i work two decent jobs and still don’t make enough, granted i just spent a shit ton going to france but still that saved up would have lasted me a few months. 

so the rest of my summer is super busy. now that i’m back from france and my family vacation (which sucked). i have something almost every weekend until my sister’s wedding for her. then i’m seeing one direction in detroit and nashville. and i mean i have shit to do for school. also i want to learn how to skateboard and i’m trying to learn how to hoop. it’s so nerve wracking knowing this is my last summer before i graduate school. i’m actually considering grad school because i don’t want to go in the real world. also basically any plan for my future after college involves not living in cincinnati. 

I should be saving money since I’m pretty much broke after not working for a month and a half. OOPS CAN I PLEASE GO BACK TO FRANCE. But I will be eating a strawberry poppy seed salad without chicken from panera every day because it’s amazing. k good. 

614,493 plays Harry Styles- reaction to winning a Brit


yuh know thuh ca’egory, aderle, ed shrrerin, fer oohz tuh b cuhnsidered amung those ar’ists, is, massive fuh oohz; an’ tuh win, jus’ shows how guhd our fahns ahre, we lub dem, and… lEtS gO paRtY, aNd yoUre LauGHIng ayt mE cos u knOw I”m saYin’ stooopid thihngs !! 1! heheh HEhe

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