Just thought of Ray lamontage and decided to listen to his album I was obsessed with in high school and I think my old tumblr url was like five of the songs on it lololol

i have so many resource pages open i can’t keep track of them and i don’t know what to do with myself ugh

i have a research paper due at midnight. i’ve been putting it off for so long. it’s really not that bad only like 1200-1500 words but i hate in text citations and shit and my prof is really picky about them and it’s a research paper so i feel like i need to use a lot and yeah

okay one last last thing



Tiny house built by Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes in Oregon. See more here!

one last thing before i read for my capstone

i turn 22 in 8 days. where the hell has my life gone?

just got my midterm grade back for my capstone class and my grade is now 72.5 and i need at least a 73 to pass my capstone class to graduate. i do not want to have to take another capstone next semester.

this is actually a prayer, please give me the strength and will power to actually study and do my homework and stop messing around so i can graduate on time and not put more stress on myself and embarrass myself.

i really don’t care if i get an a,b,or c but i at least need that c and there’s ZERO extra credit in this class so i really need to get my shit together.